Visitors to Documenta art exhibition or this website will be able to buy the tokens digitally generated by the Mill of Blood.

The number of existing tokens will be distributed in proportion to the invested value in BTC from July 1st, 2017 to september 16th,2017.

The mill will be the only miner of the network until the end of the ICO and it will be destroyed at the end of the art exhibition as well as the mold used for the physical coins.

The reward for block resolution will always be 1 coin and there will be a 2 minutes space between blocks starting at the end of the ICO.

The price of each coin will be determined by the number of coins generated, proportionally according to the amount invested.

During the Documenta 14 Art Exhibition, the “Mill of blood” will be generating metallic coins that will end up in an armored box placed in the underground of the mill. This box will be kept at Deutsche Bank at the end of the ICO and the physical coins will be used to support the value of the cryptocurrency that is generated each time a visitor spins around the mill making a coin fall into the box.

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